Beekeepers finally recognised as primary producers

Beekeepers produce food and are primary producers

Lachlan Rasmussen's truck and trailer loaded with bee hives on location near Toompine, near Quilpie.

Lachlan Rasmussen's truck and trailer loaded with bee hives on location near Toompine, near Quilpie.


Agriculture Minister recognises beekeepers as primary producers.


Beekeepers are now recognised as primary producers and can access lower truck vehicle registrations.

And according to Kumbia district beekeeper, Lachlan Rasmussen, Rasmussen Apiaries, this recognition by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is a massive win for his business. 

Mr Rasmussen, who manages the family’s 720 bee hives, said that prior to the recent changes beekeepers were recognised in the same category as civil construction and mining vehicles.   

Mr Rasmussen said he was made aware of the massive price difference when they purchased a new truck last year.

“I registered our new truck with the TMR and you could have bowled me over with the cost,” he said. 

“I was quoted $1700 registration for the truck and more than $600 for the trailer.

“That full payment was paid, plus the $4000 stamp duty transfer added. 

“Now we are recognised as primary producers, the registration we pay is $600 for the truck and $300 for the trailer.” 

Mr Rasmussen said they have since been refunded the difference in costs, plus the stamp duty transfer fee.. 

He said they travel the hives around 1000 kilometre radius of his Kumbia home base.

The Rasmussen Apiaries travel as far south west to Toompine, near Quilpie in the winter months.

“When we move location, wel usually do three trips with 240 hives on the truck and trailer,” he said. 

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington, says it is good to see that common sense has prevailed and Beekeepers are now recognised as ‘primary producers’ by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Mrs Frecklington said that previously TMR did not classify beekeepers as primary producers and they had been unable to access concessions when the registering their trucks.

“The LNP’s Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Dale Last wrote to the Agriculture Minister on behalf of the Queensland Beekeepers’ Association asking that beekeepers be recognised as primary producers for the purposes of concessional vehicle registration.

“In a letter from the Minister, it has been acknowledge that beekeepers do in fact produce food and were entitled to primary producer concessions.

“This is an excellent result for beekeepers around Queensland who now have access to some relief on the cost of registering their trucks. 

This story first appeared on the Queensland Country Life.


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