Watch this five-year-old shearing sensation

Little Big Shot Charlie Dunn is famous for his clip


Meet Charlie Dunn, the five-year-old shearer from Culcairn who's taken the internet by storm.


Donna and Clint Dunn met in a shearing shed, she rouseabouting and him wielding the clippers. 

So it’s hardly surprising their five-year-old son Charlie has wool on the brain. 

“He never went to childcare so he’s just always been with us on the farm, since he was a baby,” Mrs Dunn said. 

Charlie, who started kindergarten this year at Saint Joseph’s in Culcairn, NSW, doesn’t hesitate a second when asked what he wants to be when he grows up. 

He’s totally “shearing obsessed”. 

He’s been clipping the bellies of his stuffed toys since he was just two years old, though he’ll tell you himself he’s been at it for “20-and-a-half years”. 

There’s no doubt he’s a natural; in charge of the 17-strong poddy lamb flock at the family’s property, Craigilee.

When wool brokers Fox and Lillie posted a video of his handiwork to Facebook in January this year, no one imagined what would follow.

Millions of views and interviews later, a phone call from Warner Brothers was proof the kid from Culcairn had really made it big. 

His mum said she “wasn’t sure at first” whether starring on Prime7’s Little Big Shots was a good idea. 

But in the end, they saw the benefit. 

“It’s a great opportunity to educate some young kids,” she said. 

“We need more shearers and it’s great money and a good job.

“There’s plenty of work and you can travel all over Australia and do it.” 

Charlie’s newfound fame saw the Dunns, who hadn’t been to Sydney for 20 years, pack up a couple of sheep and head to the big smoke. 

"This is easy!" Charlie Dunn, little shearer

"This is easy!" Charlie Dunn, little shearer

“We were trying to explain to city people what a fence was and what we needed on the set, Clint spent half the morning up there with them constructing it,” Mrs Dunn said. 

While it’s hard to imagine he’d have anything left to learn, Mrs Dunn says they’re trying to keep Charlie off the big sheep until he’s 15 or 16. 

His nine-year-old sister, Matilda, is right behind him. 

“He’s a little star, all my aunties and uncles, cousins, mum and dad are really proud of him too,” Matilda said.  

“He comes in here every day after school, does all of his sheep work. He drafts, he shears, he makes the yards and everything, he’s a clever little boy.”

Little Big Shots is coming soon to Prime7. 

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