Introducing – Ag Conference Bingo!

Agriculture conferences come alive with Ag Conference Bingo!


Another agricultural conference to attend, eh? It's time you got into... Ag Conference Bingo!


AGRICULTURE conferences – events where knowledge is shared, networking is done and as many free pens as possible are stuffed into the satchel that came with registration. 

Yet some conferences suffer from what’s known as “format lethargy”. In other words, they can drag on and on and on. 

But now, you can liven up your next function with Ag Conference Bingo!

Simply download the game card below, print it out and take it to your next ag conference. 

See how many conference cliches you can mark off. Get an entire row and you’re entitled to jump up and yell “bingo!”, regardless of which international soil expert is standing behind the lectern. 

So get into Ag Conference Bingo! today. 



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