School faces losing fruit

Kingston Community School faces losing its free fruit program


A free fruit program in a South Australian school is in jeopardy unless extra funding can be found.


THE Kingston Community School Fruit Program in South Australia will come to an end soon unless extra funding is received. 

The Fruit Program is a worthy program that needs to be supported to keep going.

The Chaplaincy Support Group are proud to have been co-producers with the community for the fruit program initiative.

The program commenced at the start of Term 2 due to generous donations from the Kingston IGA and private sponsors.

Every donation that has been received has been greatly appreciated.

Fresh fruit has been placed in all junior and middle primary classrooms and has also been accessible to all senior students.

This program has been extremely well received by students, staff and parents.

Ways to assist the fruit program include donating funds to the front office, donating fruit to the school or community group sponsorship. 

The students love having fruit available to them, they are all using it and such a healthy choice to help get them through their day.


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