New fumigant ready for Aussie soils

Draslovka Group introduces EDN Fumigas to Australian farmers


A new pre-plant soil fumigant approved for strawberries, tomatoes and cucurbit crops has hit Australia.


A CZECH company has released an ozone friendly, broad spectrum soil fumigant to treat soil and control soil-borne diseases, nematodes and weeds in Australia. 

The Draslovka Group has received approval for its product, EDN Fumigas with the registration of Ethanedinitrile.

Australia is to be the first country in the world to approve the use of the fumigant as a pre-plant treatment for soil.

Developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia in 1996, the use of Ethanedinitrile as a fumigant was explored as a replacement for ozone-depleting methyl bromide.


Draslovka Services Pty Ltd executive director,  Kade McConville, said the introduction of EDN Fumigas is a significant moment for the Australian agricultural, horticultural and ornamental grower sectors.

“It’s a huge step forward for farmers who have traditionally faced crop and yield loss following the methyl bromide ban,” Mr McConville said. 

“EDN Fumigas has spent over a decade undergoing rigorous testing and approvals. The Draslovka Group is dedicated to developing sustainable initiatives that will secure tomorrow’s food chain.

“EDN Fumigas gives farmers greater control of their plant husbandry and harvest while also contributing greatly to the long-term sustainability of the environment.” 

In Australia, EDN Fumigas is approved for use as a pre-plant treatment for strawberry runners as well as strawberry, tomato, ornamentals (gerbera) and cucurbit crops and can be applied at any time of the year when the soil conditions permit, prior to planting.

“This is a significant first step for crop production globally. Further studies are underway to add turf grass, ginger, capsicum, eggplant, carrots, ornamental and other crops to the label,” Mr McConville said. 

“We are thrilled that the perseverance and determination of our researchers has resulted in a soil fumigant that will play a significant role in not only the ongoing success and longevity of Australian farmers but also farmers worldwide.”


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