Experts to attend 2018 Garlic Seminar

Experts to attend 2018 Garlic Seminar in Albury NSW


The Australian Garlic Industry Association will hold its Garlic Seminar at Thurgoona, NSW in August.


AUSTRALIA’S garlic industry will come together in August for the Australian Garlic Industry Association (AGIA)’s Garlic Seminar in Thurgoona, NSW. 

The seminar will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 4 and 5 at the Thurgoona Country Club, Albury, NSW. 

Packed with expert speakers on all things relevant to commercial garlic growers, the event is open to growers both big or small. 

Topics covered range from organic certification and market trends, to the use of registered chemicals in food production.


Attendees can also listen to David Jones from Mirboo Farm discussing garlic initiatives in Gippsland; Bronwyn Richards from Braidwood about developing a garlic co-operative; and David Moon from Moonrocks on broadacre garlic growing.

Delegates will take a step even further into the world of garlic with experts Penny Woodward and Trevor Gray on identifying garlic cultivars and groups; Stephen Harper from the Gatton Reseach Centre on importing and developing new garlic cultivars and Associate Professor John Thomas on viruses in Australian garlic.

There will also be ample time at morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner to discuss all things garlic with others from within the industry.

The AGIA is also supporting new growers with a Back to Basics Workshop the day before the seminar (Friday, August 3). 

Hosted by garlic expert Penny Woodward, the workshop provides existing growers with a refresher and new growers with valuable information to help shape their garlic growing plans. 

Delegates will hear from established garlic farmers and experts on topics including: 

  • Knowing garlic; 
  • planning and preparation;
  • irrigation and fertiliser; 
  • pest and weed control; 
  • harvesting and curing;
  • marketing and selling.

There will also be several digital garlic farm tours and time to ask questions.


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