Apples star in new McFlurry

Aussie apples star in McDonald's new Apple Pie McFlurry

TASTE ON: Combining a McDonald's Apple Pie (featuring all Aussie-grown apples) and a caramel sundae, is the new Apple Pie McFlurry.

TASTE ON: Combining a McDonald's Apple Pie (featuring all Aussie-grown apples) and a caramel sundae, is the new Apple Pie McFlurry.


McDonald's Apple Pie + Caramel Sundae = Apple Pie McFlurry. Finally...


FORGET Oreo biscuits and M&Ms; Aussies want apples in their McFlurries.

Fast food giant McDonald's has released the Apple Pie McFlurry which combines the standard ice-cream in-a-cup McFlurry and the restaurant's popular apple pie.

The combination sees soft serve topped with apple pie and warm caramel sauce.

According to McDonald's, the combination of the two desserts was done to "ring in the start of spring" in "one ultra-cool, super-sweet taste sensation".

The Apple Pie McFlurry was created in conjunction with Uber Eats through which it was exclusively available for its launch last week.


The dessert has now been made available in McDonald's outlets around the country.

The Apple Pie McFlurry was brought to life on the basis that one in four McDonald’s Apple Pies ordered through Uber Eats was accompanied by a sundae.

It's potentially good marketing for Australian apple growers as well with McDonald's using only Australian-grown apples within their Apple Pies.

Apple and Pear Australia Limited communications manager, Alison Barber, who is yet to have the pleasure of  trying the new McFlurry, said it was good to see such an influential food company putting apples at the core of new menu innovation.

"Apples are incredibly tasty, good for you and versatile enough to rise to any occasion, even if it means being smothered in soft serve and sent home in an Uber," Ms Barber said.

"But don't leave out the best bit. Research this week shows to get the most from an apple you need the skin on, so we would suggest McDonalds peels the skin in one piece (kids can show them how) and ties it in a bow around that McFlurry to give it an extra final flourish.

"They can then reprise the 1970s jingle 'two all beef patties' to 'two all-Aussie apples, caramel sauce, vanilla, soft, serve, Ubered - with the skin on.'"

When the McFlurry was first launched in the mid 90s, the spoon used to attach to a stirring machine, thus giving it a "flurry" of ice-cream and toppings.

But in recent years, McDonald's abandoned this for simply placing the toppings upon soft-serve ice-cream. 

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