Lenswood Forest Range Ag Bureau relaunches

Photos from the Lenswood Forest Range Ag Bureau relaunch


The Lenswood Forest Range Ag Bureau has re-launched.


THE Adelaide Hills horticulture industry showed its support to re-launch the Lenswood Forest Range Agricultural Bureau in November, with more than 80 people attending.

After a four-year recess, the bureau’s need within the community was reignited and elected its new president Justin Tiller to help lead the way. 

With eleven new committee members, the bureau aimed to become a more inclusive group than in the past and, extend its support to not just apple growers, but cherry, pear, grape and vegetable producers as well. 

Mr Tiller said the catalyst to get the bureau up and running again was last year’s hail storm in October, that devastated fruit crops throughout the Adelaide Hills. 


“The group will not just be for information but to also provide general wellbeing and emotional support during any times of crisis such as fire, hail, or drought – it a point of contact,” he said. 

Coopers Brewery chairman, Glenn Cooper, was the event’s guest speaker.

Mr Cooper said he wanted to offer practical advice to family-owned small businesses that had to compete with larger corporations.

”Family business skills are transferable to any industry and business type – whether it is horticulture or brewing,” he said. 

“We have had to compete against international brewing giants for a while and we have learned over time that you can compete with the bigger corporations.”


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