Strong finish to Hamilton series

Future breeder heifers make to 342c/kg at Hamilton


Quality-bred young heifers in high demand on the final Hamilton sale


SUMMARY: 1702 yarded, average 311kg, $836.37/head, 268.7c/kg; 360-450kg $984-$1218, av 291c/kg; 280-360kg $690-$1166, av 270c/kg

Quality-bred young heifers destined for a life as future breeders were in high demand on the final day of the Hamilton weaner series on Friday.

Sold to a top of $1218 a head the market toppers were one of numerous lots taken to enter the bull paddock as six different lots secured bids resulting in four-figure sums.

While both Angus and Hereford lots were both the primary focus of the grazier demand a keener following of feeder buyers also supported the top end drafts and a larger gallery of backgrounders the mid-to-lighter end of the market.

The most highly sought-after was the complete-drop of the Mt Napier Pathfinder-blood Angus heifers presented by Brett Linke and family.

The tops of the drop – 28 in the pen, 376kg - were bid aggressively to 324c/kg ($1218) while the line’s second pen of 60, 341kg made a sale high of 342c/kg ($1166).

Also highly-sought after were Jim Shaw’s Banquet-blood Winninburn Angus heifers, 342kg, that made 302c/kg ($1032/head) while Yarram Park and Injemira Genetics each made purchases in support of their respective Hereford bull buying clients.

The sale of 1702, which comprised Angus, Hereford and Black Baldy-cross, was conducted by the Independent Agents group involving Kerr & Co Livestock, LMB Linke, Southern Grampians Livestock, JM Ellis & Co and KP Lanyon. The main feeder competition was supplied by Westside Meats, Princess Royal Station and Hardwicks while JBS Australia purchased cattle to background in Tasmania.

Auctioneer Jack Hickey said an increased level of backgrounder support in the Friday market was the difference between the two heifers conducted at Hamilton.

“There was much more interest from backgrounders in the second sale and this lifted the floor price from the 230-240’s to 260c/kg especially on the lighter cattle” Mr Hickey said. “And, feeder prices were also improved by 5-8c/kg as more graziers sought the better bred and heavier lots for breeding”.

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