Churchill Fellowships open for horticulture​

Churchill Fellowships open for horticulture innovators


Fancy a trip overseas looking at innovative hort techniques?


THOSE with a drive for transformation and innovation within the horticulture sector can apply for a Churchill Fellowship. 

There are three fellowships currently available for those involved in the Australian horticulture industry, with applications closing on April 30. 

The programs enable recipients to travel the world for four to eight weeks to access industry related knowledge not readily available in Australia.


Jointly funded under the Hort Innovation Leadership Fund and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, the fellowships are available to anyone working in Australian horticulture.

Hort Innovation chief executive officer, Matt Brand, says the Fellowships are designed to drive innovation and transformation in the horticulture industry.

“Horticulture growers are already some of the most innovative business people in Australia,” he said.

“This Fellowship will allow them to gain insight into international technology and processes, harness that knowledge and grow the nation’s collective horticultural understanding by sharing it with the industry.”

Churchill Trust CEO, Adam Davey, said as an industry, horticulture is an important contributor to the nation’s economy and so it is imperative to invest in the growers who deliver that contribution.

“There are two things every Churchill Fellowship applicant needs to display – the first is to present a research project that will provide benefit to the Australian community, the second is to show how all of the skills, insights and knowledge they gather from world experts on the Fellowship can be shared once they return home,” he said.

“The Trust is excited to see how these Fellowships can impact Australia.”


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