Program a tool for farm managers

Program provides a tool for farm managers

THINKERS: Co-founders of Farm In ONE, Stefanie Horner and Fabian Gallo.

THINKERS: Co-founders of Farm In ONE, Stefanie Horner and Fabian Gallo.


Farm in ONE offers an information management flow for farmers.


FARM in ONE was created by Fabian Gallo, a farmer and irrigation agronomist with 20 years experience on the Atherton Tableland, North Queensland.

Mr Gallo is the director of HTM Complete which provides customised irrigation automation to farmers and agricultural corporations throughout Far North Queensland.

He had a vision to help fellow farmers with their daily farming operations and he saw a need to integrate traditional farming methods with technology through developing a web-based program that is a multi-layered package in the form of one platform.

Mr Gallo and his team at HTM Complete developed an advanced complete farm management program that will be the foundation for all future farming practices.


The intelligent software offers the producers better time, staff and equipment management thus resulting in higher yields and profits and better health and safety practices.

The program encompasses monitoring devices, irrigation automation, fertigation, drone aerial mapping, pest scouting, agronomy, spray scheduling and staff management and uses mobile technology which allows remote access to maximise crop performance and reduces input costs.

The web-based application conserves resources and manages multi-fill packages within the platform.

Farm in One offers a complete visual display of the farm showing all blocks and devices such as soil moisture probes, weather stations and pumps and access to charts, weather dashboard and set-up devices.

All this is achieved through the integrated mapping platform allowing the farmer to link with the multiple aspects as well as having the ability to manage multiple farms in different locations.

The complete farm management program is comprised of the following packages:

The Irrigation Automation package allows the user to optimise their irrigation using precise systems to irrigate the exact amount of water a crop needs, at the right time, to maximise yields and increase performance.

In conjunction with monitoring and mapping the Spray Schedule package allows the grower to accurately map crop health to track disease and pest outbreaks. These can be prioritised in order of severity and targeting required areas minimising chemical usage.

The Mapping package with the use of drones lets you capture accurate, high resolution imagery for monitoring and decision making or crop management. The mapping function gives the user an interactive layer between the different packages.

The Monitoring package uses the latest technology integrating all available data from weather stations, soil and moisture probes and plant sensors to provide real time feedback of what happens on the farm in relation to water, soil and the atmosphere.

General Tasks is the final package that manages people. Our application facilitates easy and efficient communication between management and team members making for a safer work place.

Farm in One is easy to use, interactive, works on and off line and compatible with any device and is taking advanced farming technology to a whole new level by planting the seed for future farm management solutions.

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