Record Hass avocado season on track

Avocado season set for a 95,000t record

BIG: Australia is set for a record harvest of Hass avocados this season.

BIG: Australia is set for a record harvest of Hass avocados this season.


Australian Hass avocado growers will harvest 9% more this season.


AUSTRALIAN avocado growers are expected to produce a record harvest of the Hass variety this year.

The industry is looking at a whopping 8 million more kilograms of avocados for supermarket shelves this season compared to last year.

That's a 9 per cent increase from 87,000 tonnes to 95,000t (April 2019 - March 2020).

It comes in part due to mass plantings over the past five to six years to meet Australian demand.


Avocados Australia chief executive officer, John Tyas, said the influx is a healthy sign of industry expansion.

"It takes about three or four years for an avocado tree to start bearing commercial crops and a lot of avocado trees have gone into the ground in the last five years, particularly in Queensland and WA, to keep up with the insatiable demand for avocados we have in Australia," Mr Tyas said.

"This season, we're looking at a bumper Hass harvest from our growing regions in Western Australia as well as South Australia, Victoria and western NSW.

"There are also large supplies coming out of north and central Queensland now, and New Zealand later on in the season."

Known for their purple skin and creamy texture, new season Hass avocados have been prominent since early May, replacing the greenskinned Shepard avocados, which have been the only avocado available to shoppers since late February.

Mr Tyas said Australians are becoming savvier with their food choices and are starting to see avocados for their nutritional value as well as their taste.

"Avocados have so many nutrients that can improve our diets every day. They're also particularly good for pregnant women, and are a great nutritious first food for babies," he said.


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