Aussie apples secret to major health product

Aussie apples the secret to antioxidant health product

HEALTHIER: Founder of health and wellness company Renovatio, Dr Vincent Candrawinata, uses Australian apples as the key ingredient to his products.

HEALTHIER: Founder of health and wellness company Renovatio, Dr Vincent Candrawinata, uses Australian apples as the key ingredient to his products.


Only Australian apples are used in producing Renovatio health products.


A HEALTH products company which utilises Australian apples has declared its intention to increase production and export possibilities.

But the current drought's impact could be a bigger hurdle than first thought to those plans.

Dr Vincent Candrawinata established the company, Renovatio, after discovering a method of extracting the potent antioxidants, activated phenolics, from Australian apples using only water.

He made the discovery while undertaking research at the University of Newcastle in 2014.

Dr Candrawinata, known as "Dr Vincent" through his media appearances, turned his scientific breakthrough into a global company establishing Renovatio (which means new life in Latin) and creating a range of health and wellness products featuring Australian apples.

Now he is aiming to become the country's largest exporter of Australian apples.

The Renovatio range includes activated phenolics in powder and tablet form and a skin cream. Further products are currently under development.

In three years, Renovatio has grown significantly with 50 per cent of its products sold domestically online and through stockists, and the balance sold overseas in Asia.

"I am so proud and so excited to be sharing my research in consumable form with people all over the world to improve their health and wellbeing," Dr Candrawinata said.

"We all know that our body breaks down and is more susceptible to disease, including serious disease like cancer, if our cells are not kept as healthy as possible.

"Antioxidants move through the body removing free radicals that damage our cells. The more antioxidants, the less free radicals, the healthier our cells.


"Potent antioxidants like activated phenolics, are like bionic antioxidants removing nasty free radicals from our body."

The products come from batches of Australian apples processed using Dr Candrawinata's special formula.

The first batch was made using 1.5 tonnes of Australian apples.

"Today, we process batches of apples of up to 100 tonnes at a time," he said.

"In fact, our product sales have grown so much, we have had to expand our suppliers of apples. Originally, we sourced our apples from Orange in New South Wales.

"Unfortunately due to the drought, and fortunately due to our increasing need for apples, we have had to increase the number of suppliers providing apples for our production process.

"With 50pc of our product now being exported, we are fast becoming one of Australia's biggest exporters of Australian apples.

"I hope that one day, we will be our country's biggest exporter of Australian apples."

Dr Candrawinata said the key ingredient was simple but important.

"Australian apples are the best in the world, grown in great soil, clean air and processed using the world's best technology," he said.

"I am proud to be supporting our apple farmers and also taking our wonderful produce to the world in a product that improves the health and wellness of people all over the world."


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