Walk back to February 1996 | FLASHBACK

Walk back to February 1996 | FLASHBACK


Here is a flashback gallery from the February 1996 edition of GFV.


BLUEBERRIES were the focus of the February 1996 edition of Good Fruit & Vegetables.

The Enterprise of the Month feature focused on Blueberry Farms of Australia based at Corindi Beach, NSW.

News items covered included the finding of apple scab in Western Australia, the release of a genetic-based identification test for papaya fruit fly and the announcement of new funding arrangements for Research and Development Corporations (RDCs).

The Australian citrus industry released a 100 per cent Australian orange juice logo to encourage consumers to buy Australian.

More than 120 people attended the Horticulture 2000 group seminar in Sydney to discuss issues of quality management systems and chemical residue monitoring.

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