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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Summer Love is finding a growing market.
Elizabeth Anderson
"It's been a pretty good year for apples."
Elizabeth Anderson
Australian wine sales to Hong Kong jumped 60pc in the year March 30.
Andrew Marshall
Britons and Hongkongers are drinking more Australian wine, but sales to North America have dipped. File picture
French-trained chef Joshua Mason's new wine range owes a lot to the Barossa.
Sydney-based chef Joshua Mason has launched the Ciel Wines range, made from carefully selected varieties from the Barossa area. Picture by Kitti Gould
Supermarket prices remain high as the industry waits for a better 2024 season price.
Kelly Mason
Suncoast Gold Macadamias general manager Julian Lancaster-Smith at their processing plant in Gympie. Picture by Kelly Mason


After 10 years of farming mangoes and limes, farmer Valentina Caamano-Bermudez has begun a new era.
Steph Allen
Growers are hopeful the inquiry into supermarket prices is the first step in creating an even playing field.
Denis Howard
Ian Pearce, Orange, NSW believes growers are taking all the risk with very little reward. Picture by Denis Howard

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More than one thousand watched the maiden voyage of the gourd.
Taylor Dodge
Some of the citrus industry's brightest stars have been recognised at the Australian Citrus Annual Awards.
Greg and Sue Chislett, Chislett Farms, Victoria show off their award for being inducted into the Citrus Australia Hall of Fame. The Chislett's interest in budwood and varietal development has turned a third-generation family-run orchard into multiple farms and a world class, wholesale container nursery, supplying citrus, avocado and pistachio trees to industry. Picture supplied
WA's largest citrus producer is on the sales market.
Chris McLennan
Elizabeth Brennan (left) and Sue Middleton promoting Moora Citrus and Northern Valley Packers. File picture
The Marquis Macadamias joint venture between South African and Australian growers ends.
Andrew Marshall
BASF's Gavin Jackson says AI technology will be vital for agriculture to grow sustainably, without jeopardising regional towns.
Ashley Walmsley
Gavin Jackson, head of agricultural solutions for Australia and New Zealand, BASF says farm consolidation will impact regional towns but embracing technology could help ease that tension. Picture supplied
The ABARES Outlook 2024 report shows table grapes are still a mighty export force.
Ashley Walmsley
Table grapes remain one of Australia's highest value exported horticulture crops. Picture Shutterstock
Farmers can now stay in touch through a new satellite-based device that's easy to use.
Onions have so many uses and Tasmania just happens to grow the best.
Dr Mike Walker
As cringe as it might be at times, the TV show Farmer Wants a Wife could hold promotional potential for Aussie agriculture.
Ashley Walmsley
The lead actors in Farmer Wants a Wife, (L-R) Farmers Tom, Bert, Joe, Dustin and Dean. The show could be used as a postcard for Aussie agriculture. Picture supplied
For opposing parties, there are benefits in getting to a table and sorting it out.
Dr Mike Walker
Divisions can often be overcome when both parties agree to sit down at the same table and discuss differences and a way forward. Picture by Shutterstock