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Sunday, June 23, 2024
The WA grower isn't afraid of trying new things.
1hr ago
Local fruit growers will take a hit with SPC pulling back.
Jason Gregory and Chris McLennan
Chocolate containing Brussels sprouts could be a thing.
A chocolate featuring brussel sprouts has created plenty of interest at the nation's annual Hort Connections event in Melbourne. Picture supplied
These awards reinforce our commitment to quality and innovation.
Allan Wilson
De Bortoli Wines managing director Darren De Bortoli is thrilled with the wins at the 2024 International Wine Awards. Picture supplied
Australian horticulture's $154 million annual trade relationship with Japan is set to be further developed.
Australian horticulture's $154 million annual trade relationship with Japan is set to be further developed. Picture supplied


After 10 years of farming mangoes and limes, farmer Valentina Caamano-Bermudez has begun a new era.
Steph Allen
Growers are hopeful the inquiry into supermarket prices is the first step in creating an even playing field.
Denis Howard
Ian Pearce, Orange, NSW believes growers are taking all the risk with very little reward. Picture by Denis Howard

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Frank Musolino is in pursuit of the perfect cauliflower.
Elizabeth Anderson
The menu was as much of a star as the award winners.
Ashley Walmsley
The team from The Avolution take time out for a photo. Picture by Ashley Walmsley
Day three of Hort Connections 2024 saw visitor numbers climb further.
Ashley Walmsley
The team from J-Tech Systems, Alison Palairet, New Zealand, Sharon Chapman, New Zealand, Brent Hill, Qld and Lynn Hamilton, NSW. Picture by Ashley Walmsley
The Marquis Macadamias joint venture between South African and Australian growers ends.
Andrew Marshall
Marquis has blamed different cultures and different attitudes to the market for the South African and Australian joint ownership of Marquis Macadamias ending. Picture supplied
BASF's Gavin Jackson says AI technology will be vital for agriculture to grow sustainably, without jeopardising regional towns.
Ashley Walmsley
Gavin Jackson, head of agricultural solutions for Australia and New Zealand, BASF says farm consolidation will impact regional towns but embracing technology could help ease that tension. Picture supplied
Farmers can now stay in touch through a new satellite-based device that's easy to use.
Stacey Atkinson, marketing manager, ZOLEO, Victoria and Paolo Polidori, sales manager, ZOLEO, Victoria with the ZOLEO tracking and communications device which is built tough for rural Australian conditions. Picture by Ashley Walmsley
Fertigation made easy with Yara.
YaraRega can be delivered using existing pivot or lateral irrigator or sprinkler or drip irrigation system without fear of blockages. Picture supplied
Tasmania's geographical location could give it an edge in wine.
Dr Mike Walker
A decade ago, the Voice of Horticulture was launched. Four years later, it had fallen silent.
Ashley Walmsley
The Voice of Horticulture appeared to die a quiet death in 2018, bringing to an end yet another horticulture lobby group. Picture by Shutterstock
Onions have so many uses and Tasmania just happens to grow the best.
Dr Mike Walker
The humble onion boasts a range of beneficial medicinal, and culinary, attributes. File picture