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Monday, July 15, 2024
The World Potato Congress in Adelaide discussed the impacts of Gen Z on food stories.
Vanessa Binks
The potato industry has slight rise in consumption.
Vanessa Binks
Cobram Estate Olives earnings set to leap despite a low harvest yield year.
Andrew Marshall
Cobram Estate Olive's Australian harvest wrapped up last week and prospects for its Californian harvest later this year are optimistic. Photo supplied
Jolyon Burnett says NFF Horticulture Council swings some weight.
Ashley Walmsley
National Farmers' Federation Horticulture Council chair Jolyon Burnett says horticulture has a genuine seat at the table on major agri-political issues. Picture by Ashley Walmsley
An old fridge full of second grade pears kicked off this retail business.
Tracey Wigg
GD Wholesale Fruit and Veg, Hawthorndene, SA has grown from an old fridge and honesty box filled with seconds pears, to a full retail business. Picture supplied


After 10 years of farming mangoes and limes, farmer Valentina Caamano-Bermudez has begun a new era.
Steph Allen
Growers are hopeful the inquiry into supermarket prices is the first step in creating an even playing field.
Denis Howard
Ian Pearce, Orange, NSW believes growers are taking all the risk with very little reward. Picture by Denis Howard

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Orange's 'beautiful wines' may soon be enjoyed worldwide.
Grace Dudley
Construction has begun on the new biosecurity precint.
Elizabeth Anderson
Blubuilt's Toby Thurstans, Primary Industries Minister Clare Scriven and SA Produce Markets CEO Angelo Demasi mark the start of construction on the biosecurity precinct. Picture by Elizabeth Anderson
The 2024 World Potato Congress was held in Adelaide.
Vanessa Binks
Mitolo Family Farms team; Marie Coutuier, France, Sneha Patel, Berri, Satwinder Kaur, Loxton, Toby Garvin, Nildottie, and Rebecca Ponsonby, Kingston on the Murray.
Jolyon Burnett says NFF Horticulture Council swings some weight.
Ashley Walmsley
The Marquis Macadamias joint venture between South African and Australian growers ends.
Andrew Marshall
Marquis has blamed different cultures and different attitudes to the market for the South African and Australian joint ownership of Marquis Macadamias ending. Picture supplied
Farmers can now stay in touch through a new satellite-based device that's easy to use.
Stacey Atkinson, marketing manager, ZOLEO, Victoria and Paolo Polidori, sales manager, ZOLEO, Victoria with the ZOLEO tracking and communications device which is built tough for rural Australian conditions. Picture by Ashley Walmsley
Fertigation made easy with Yara.
YaraRega can be delivered using existing pivot or lateral irrigator or sprinkler or drip irrigation system without fear of blockages. Picture supplied
Tassie might have a natural water boundary but bridging that for research benefits all.
Dr Mike Walker
There's something a bit special about being in horticulture.
Ashley Walmsley
Hort Connections 2024 delegates mill around the Hort Innovation booth within the trade display. Picture by Ashley Walmsley
Tasmania's geographical location could give it an edge in wine.
Dr Mike Walker
Tasmania's geographic location gives it big potential as a wine-growing region, however logistics may prove a hinderance. File picture