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Thursday, April 18, 2024
"It was a bit of a journey to plant pathology."
Hayley Warden
Adelaide researchers will be key players in an out-of-this-world mission to grow plants on the Moon and return them to Earth for the first time.
Quinton McCallum
Beekeepers concerned backyard apiarists unaware of Varroa threat.
Alison Paterson
Scenic Rim apiarist Jason Wilson said he's concerned about Varroa mite and Asian honey bee threats and urged all beekeepers to regularly check their hives for pests. Picture supplied
This season's kiwi fruit volume is up 50 per cent at Bunbartha.
Rachel Simmonds
Seeka Australia has 50 per cent more volume in its kiwi fruit crop this year compared to the previous season. Picture supplied
Red wine grape growers across SA will be able to access grants of $1500.
Short-term relief is available for wine grape growers across SA. File picture


After 10 years of farming mangoes and limes, farmer Valentina Caamano-Bermudez has begun a new era.
Steph Allen
Growers are hopeful the inquiry into supermarket prices is the first step in creating an even playing field.
Denis Howard
Ian Pearce, Orange, NSW believes growers are taking all the risk with very little reward. Picture by Denis Howard

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The panama disease resistant bananas are a world first.
Sophia Baker
Genetically modified bananas have been approved for human consumption. Picture by Shutterstock
Superficiality always wins and it's not the sole fault of big business.
Garry Linnell
Acneous prepubescent pears. Picture by Chloe Hope
The Marquis Macadamias joint venture between South African and Australian growers ends.
Andrew Marshall
BASF's Gavin Jackson says AI technology will be vital for agriculture to grow sustainably, without jeopardising regional towns.
Ashley Walmsley
Gavin Jackson, head of agricultural solutions for Australia and New Zealand, BASF says farm consolidation will impact regional towns but embracing technology could help ease that tension. Picture supplied
The ABARES Outlook 2024 report shows table grapes are still a mighty export force.
Ashley Walmsley
Table grapes remain one of Australia's highest value exported horticulture crops. Picture Shutterstock
For opposing parties, there are benefits in getting to a table and sorting it out.
Dr Mike Walker
There's been plenty of steam leading up to and during the senate committee inquiry into supermarket pricing but will any meaningful change come out of it?
Ashley Walmsley
Hopes pinned on inquiry's results | OPINION
Superficiality always wins and it's not the sole fault of big business.
Garry Linnell
Acneous prepubescent pears. Picture by Chloe Hope