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Friday, February 23, 2024
The IFPA is hosting its Produce Executive Program again.
More food waste and lack of access to fresh produce are some of the worries if the vegetable industry packs up shop.
"Find something else to call it; I'll support it": Nationals MP wants Labor to introduce an Ag Visa.
Jason Gregory
Nicholls MP Sam Birrell has called on the government to introduce a dedicated agriculture visa. Picture supplied
Gavin Scurr will pilot the Australian Fresh Produce Association for 2024.
Gavin Scurr, managing director, Pinata Farms, has become the chair of the Australian Fresh Produce Alliance for 2024. Picture supplied
The NFF continues to call for "significant" additional operational information and details on how the levy will work "on the ground."
National Farmers Federation president David Jochinke. Picture supplied


The hunt is on for clever ideas to help solve the farm labour shortage.
A whopping $10 million will go toward a collaborative biosecurity strategy for vegetables.
Vegetable grower and agronomist Stuart Grigg, with wife Kate, daughters Kiara and Bridie, and son Eamon, with dog Flynn. Picture supplied
A Hort Innovation funded project is identifying which species of flies are capable of pollination with exciting results.
Alexandra Bernard
University of New England PhD candidate Abby Davis has been part of a project researching flies as supplementary pollinators. Picture supplied

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Brad Banducci's replacement will take over in September.
Anna Houlahan
See the video of the sterile flies being released.
PIRSA Plant and Invasive Species Biosecurity director Nick Secomb announcing the preventions methods in Adelaide on Friday. Picture supplied
Infiltrate your nightmares with these dog-cattle match-ups.
Ashley Walmsley
A selection of some of the mash-ups between cattle and dog breeds. Click through the gallery to see more.
Farmers fear the biosecurity levy money will vanish into department coffers, rather than deliver tangible outcomes.
Jamieson Murphy
Two well-known figures in the horticulture industry have come back to Grochem.
Darren Free, national sales manager, and Melanie Turner, marketing manager, have taken up roles with Grochem. Picture supplied
An Aussie scientist is helping the apple industry by purchasing apples rejected by supermarkets and turning into well-being products
Libby-Jane Charleston
Each season, up to 50 per cent of apples can't be packaged for sale on supermarket shelves. File picture
Most of the feeder roots of macadamia trees are in the top 30cm of soil, meaning fertigation is an ideal option for many nutrients.
Nitrogen has a large influence on macadamia canopy health, crop vigour and nut yield. Picture supplied
In the whirlwind of life towards the end of the year, small things could get missed. Don't let them.
Ashley Walmsley
Christmas can be an atriously busy time so it's important to take stock of the little things and moments that might get missed, like knowing the name of the neighbour's dog. Picture Shutterstock
Horticulture couldn't shout any louder, yet the policy makers still seem hard of hearing.
Ashley Walmsley
It's hard to know if politicians are tuned in to the difficulties currently facing the horticulture industry. Picture Shutterstock