Good Fruit & Vegetables
Good Fruit & Vegetables is the leading fresh produce information source within Australia.

It delivers a mix of news, research articles, industry profiles, event coverage, photo galleries, videos, product previews, classifieds and advertising.

It has become a “must read” for anyone within the commercial fruit, vegetable and nut industries.

In recent years it has also embraced coverage of the mushroom, beekeeping and herb industries as well.

As part of ACM, it utilises the resources of this vast network to be a truly national publication.

While covering the major fresh produce industries, Good Fruit & Vegetables also takes time to highlight the niche products, plus provide a comment platform for industry leaders and decision makers.

Good Fruit & Vegetables is not only read by farmers themselves, but also by wholesalers on the market floor, agribusiness leaders, marketers, politicians and research bodies.

The publication has been informing the Australian horticulture industry for more than 30 years now.

It continues to build on a highly reputable and solid foundation of editorial integrity and advertising reach.

Unlike many of the commodity-specific publications, there are no grower levies channelled into Good Fruit & Vegetables; no research development corporation (RDC) or government departments requiring mandatory acknowledgement at the end of every article.

It gives the publication the freedom, and responsibility, to report on such organisations, to ask questions of them if needed and to critique where required.

The Australian horticulture industry has become a powerhouse within the wider agricultural landscape, worth in excess of $15 billion in production value.

While facing numerous challenges, it is an industry embracing technology, new techniques and research to further provide the highest quality fresh produce to Australia and the world.