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Fri, May 31 @ 1:00pm
Alumy Creek Angus Bull Sale
OUR ANNUAL ON PROPERTY BULL SALE will be held on FRIDAY 31st MAY 2024 AT 1PM at Coldawinda, Tenterfield. 70 stud HBR 2 yo bulls will be on offer. The sale is also interfaced with Auctions Plus so you can bid from anywhere.

A great selection of 60 quiet easy calving bulls with curve bending growth will be on offer. Feed efficient heavy muscled high yielding carcase bulls sired by proven growth and marbling performers. Once again we have son terrific sons of super special, calving ease, growth and carcase sire Baldridge 38Special, who sired our $26K sale topper last year and our $7750 2024 Female Sale topper heifer this year as well. There is a great run of long bodied big volume, carcass and growth and maternal sons of power bull Mogck Entice (by Sydgen Enhance) and thick deep bodied sons of calving ease, muscle, big growth moderate sized marbling all rounder Ferguson Trailblazer. We have several sons of new season sire RR Endeavor- absolute sleep all nite easy calving bulls with outstanding curve bending growth. We have several sons of the proven calving ease, high docility carcase muscle and marbling sire Sydgen Bonus that are very stylish heifer bulls to will add carcase value to your cows. We are also very impressed with the progeny of LT Revered a son of the renowned Basin Rainmaker 4044, from the great Theil herd- he offers solid performance and type with calving ease plus great maternal type- you will love them when you see them. We have several sons of EXAR Monumental- the all rounder calving ease, growth and carcase bull that was the sire of our $52K sale topper in 2022- be sure to check them out too if you want to add performance to your herd.

The BALDRIDGE COMPASS sons have been very popular since our 2019 sale and his high value profit maker daughters have really impressed through some very tough seasons channeling the maternal excellence performance of the global multi-million dollar producer Baldridge Isobel Y69, to bring in top calves. We continued to use him in a fifth season - breeding heavy muscled sons and a super productive type of cows that really pack a punch into every calf.

We have also used the Compass full brother BALDRIDGE 38 SPECIAL to extend this impressive influence with a touch more frame but still exhibiting terrific thickness, spring of rib, extra muscling, high carcass value and high feed efficiency performance with calving ease plus added maternal excellence for your female herd replacements. 38Special sons topped several Australian sales in 2022.

The MOGCK ENTICE progeny are thick made eye catchers with great Angus type and really impress with a terrific hindquarter setup for calving ease in his daughters, big volume muscle and growth with real world performance to add profit to your herd. Very easy to see why they have been global high sellers and with limited semen availability in Australia we are very happy to have used him as a main sire for 4 seasons. Entice progeny are a very hard to fault complete package. KCF BENNETT THEROCK sons continue to combine calving ease & added length & smooth made muscle - adding kilos to steers on grass or in the feedlot and long bodied high profit maternal production to his daughters.

The FERGUSON TRAILBLAZER sons continue to tick all the EBV boxes combining great calving ease and outcross pedigree with elite growth, carcass wt and added marbling value, long bodied progeny with extra depth of flank in a moderate package well suited to heifers and cows.

We strive to present a draft of easy doing calving ease and carcass bulls that bring together all the multiple traits we work to combine through 40 years of selection. The focus is on fertility, longevity and calving ease in the cows, producing fast growing thick well-muscled easy doing progeny with high muscle and heavy yield and carcass quality performance on grass or in the feedlot.

View the online catalogue at the Angus Australia website. A web version PDF catalogue IS available to download below, the issuu digital catalogue will be available soon. Contact us if you wish to have a hard copy catalogue mailed out to you and we will be in touch.

The 2024 individual sale bull photo and pedigree/ EBVs are available below.

The bulls are always AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION by appointment on property prior to the sale day. Please contact Colin directly on 0429431900 or the agents to organise a time to view them.

The bulls are displayed in large, grassed pens so you can easily make your inspections and selections with plenty of room to walk the bulls or look at their feet. We select our bulls for a thin skinned, fine hair coat - what you see on sale day is what you get. Aside from calving ease and growth, the bulls have very strong carcase EBVs coupled with a great quiet temperament. If you like shape and growth with your carcass traits be sure to check this year's draft out.

We sell before the prices escalate with the bull selling season, giving our clients value buying for high quality heavy muscled bulls. If you are chasing low birth wt calving ease bulls for your heifers, the majority of our bulls will do that plus deliver a quality calf with the genetic capacity to grow well and weigh heavy at weaning. We have plenty of bulls to suit your cows too. Our early sale allows producers to take their bulls home and settle them in well before the joining season and prior to the last minute buying of the spring bull sales frenzy. Our clients always comment on how our bulls do not fall away when taken home to the paddock- they hold or improve their condition and are a pleasure to work with having nice quiet temperaments and respecting fences, dogs and people.

Our annual bull sale provides producers with the opportunity to select bulls that have been run under commercial conditions. We provide plenty of top of the range quality angus outcross genetics at very good value.

We use EBVs as a balanced selection tool but not as the sole basis. our cattle perform very well across the wide range of selection indexes with great market flexibility. Having a live calf, that grows and finishes quickly is the main profit driver for most producers. Low birth weights, calving ease and short gestation length, coupled with high growth and carcase weights and added muscle are what producers get paid for in the saleyard and on the hooks. Our bulls also provide added net feed efficiency, yield and marbling for added carcass quality. Feed efficiency is the number one profit driver in the feedlot game and being recognised off grass for the added efficiency in your cow herd too.

Particularly as you head north, bigger carcase wts, improved yield with added muscling (EMA) continues to pay with positive fats for easy finishing, flexible market options and females that can breed back quickly are important traits. Increased marbling and IMF is also be a driver for increased carcass quality. Our cattle perform well both on grass and feed in the feedlot for versatile market options for Angus in the Australian beef industry and this reflects in their balanced performance across all $ indexes. Please note that the generalised Angus Selection Index tool has now been broadened to reflect a variety of target markets within the beef industry.

Again this year the sale bulls are all genomic tested and have been parentage verified so you are able to register any calves into the HBR stud without any further testing requirements. It also gives you independent quality assurance and confidence to buy bulls that have the correct sire information.

Many of the bulls delivered top 1-10% results for the traits we have selected on for years. These breed ranking results are against all of the Angus cattle in Australia/ NZ. Great to confirm our bulls carry the genes to perform, even though our environment may not always allow them to express their full potential. Our bulls are presented in strong paddock condition, ready to go out and work well for you.

Refreshments are provided on the day. We know Tenterfield can be very cold in winter so make sure you bring an extra coat just in case.

Agents for the Sale are: Darren Perkins 0428 660 324 and Matt Grayson 0419 686 540 George and Furhman Warwick, Qld and Casino NSW.

For Elders Studstock agents: Brian Kennedy at Glen Innes NSW 0427 844 047, Andrew Meara at Toowoomba Qld 0427 210 634, and Nash Tome 0447 858 693 Elders Livestock, Glen Innes, NSW.
1:00pm, Friday 31st May
"Coldawinda" Scrub Road, Tenterfield, NSW_ACT
Colin Keevers
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