OPINION: Ideas amiss? Try reading this!

OPINION: Ideas amiss? Try reading this!


To make a mark, to truly dare, it may take thinking outside the square. (A rhyming editorial.)



In deciding what to write for this,

My mind began go roam,

Would there be possibility,

To write it as a poem?


Does it have to be so pertinent? 

So serious all the time?

Couldn’t we just for once break that, 

And make the whole thing rhyme?


The bigger purpose here you see,

A lesson we could yield,

Is to do it differently,

To think more left of field.


We have the opportunity,

To craft, create and sculpture,

To introduce an artist’s touch, 

Into horticulture.


It’s all about the story, 

Behind the produce grown, 

To tell it in a different way, 

So they’re inspired, not just shown.

Poems are not for everyone, 

And this will cop some knocks,

But what will you do different? 

Will you think outside the box?


Folk are glued to mobile phones,

Like elaborate glowing toys,

You need to think beyond the norm,

To cut through all the noise.


The push to go against the flow,

To get a problem solved,

Takes some guts and failures,

But that’s the risk involved.


It might be how you tackle pests,

Or how you irrigate,

Maybe transport’s where it is,

Sending produce interstate.


Sure there’s regulations,

To follow to the letter,

But some ideas are waiting there,

To make your business better. 


No man is a factory, 

So put away those fears,

And talk to fellow workers,

Tune in to their ideas.


Imagine if you heard a thing,

That solved a problem task,

From picker, packer, old or young,

You’d sure be glad you asked.


We’ve heard of ‘innovation’,

For what seems like forever,

But really it’s when you stop to say,

”Hey now that is clever.” 


Not all ideas just come along,

Some take a bit of forming,

The lunchtime table is the place,

To strike up some brainstorming. 


So if you’ve got a problem,

A job or gig or chore,

Trying thinking more creative,

It’s what farmers are known for.


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