Town’s big appetite for giant pumpkins at award-winning event

Bowmans Murmungee's big appetite for giant pumpkins at award-winning event


The 103kg winner was one of the biggest seen in Bowmans Murmungee.


The 103 kilogram winner of the Bowmans Murmungee giant pumpkin competition was one of the biggest ever seen in the region.

Grown by young Stanley man Alistair Hughes, the pumpkin was clearly bigger than all of about 10 entrants.

Competition organiser Chris Griffiths said Saturday’s annual competition was a good day for the town, this year named Wangaratta’s best community event.

The key to growing giant pumpkins ranged from a good shady spot in the garden to Epsom salts.

“The ones that seem to grow the best are grown with compost - everyone has different ideas,” Mr Griffiths said. “It’s pretty impressive.”

The giant vegetables may appear like they could be used in a huge feast, but are actually very watery inside.

People were advised to turn to the pumpkin pie competition or pumpkin soup on sale for something far more tasty.

The day at Bowmans Murmungee Hall also involved a community market, children’s games, an art exhibition and a floral arrangement demonstration.

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