Another a-peeling potato festival for Crookwell

Another a-peeling Potato Festival for the Upper Lachlan


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Cold temperatures and rain did little to deter the Crookwell Potato Festival goers on Saturday.

The show went on, undisturbed, and in full swing.

ABC Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis and Ambassador for Ireland Breandan O'Caollai were this year’s special guests.

Mr Georgiadis opened the Crookwell Community gardens and attended local primary schools across the Shire on the day.

As part of this year’s potato, the Crookwell CWA introduced the “Costa Georgiadis Likeness” category, judged with humour by Mr O'Caollai. 

The auction for the first box of Andean sunrise potatoes was purchased by Divalls Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage owner Andy Divall on the day for $2100. 

Last year, the 20kg ‘Mayan Gold’ potatoes were auctioned off for $1,000 by Mr Divall. 

Upper Lachlan Foundation president Gary Kadwell said he was delighted to see the total reach such a high figure and watch spirited bidding between Mr Dival and GreaterGood representative Fleur Raine.

“We invest our money through GreaterGood and for them to help us raise money on the day was incredible supportive,” he said.

“The contribution Andy Divall makes in not only a charitable way but to the local economy is to be admired. His vision and dedication is exceptional.”

The money raised from the auction will go towards the Upper Lachlan Foundation to support local organisations and projects.

Crookwell Potato Festival chair Joyce Edwards, who has been organising the festival from her hospital room, recovering from a fall, said the dreary weather was quickly forgotten at the well attended event.

“People were enjoying themselves, Costa was brilliant, the Irish ambassador was a vivacious man. There was a great energy,” Ms Edwards said.

“All the feedback was very positive.” 

She congratulated the volunteers, all 50 on the day, who spent their weekend ensuring it was all smooth sailing.

“The volunteers worked very hard and very well. Everyone from the entrance gates to the kitchen. They were cheerful and helpful, without the the show could not have gone on,” she said. 

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