BASF launches new aphid product, Versys | PHOTOS

BASF launches new aphid product, Versys | PHOTOS


BASF launched its new aphid and whitefly control product, Versys, at a Hort Connections function last night.


CHEMISTRY creators, BASF, officially launched its new Group 9D insecticide, Versys, at Hort Connections 2018 last night. 

The insecticide, which as been approved for use in cotton as well, is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient Inscalis which controls aphids “in as little as 15 minutes and gives suppression of silverleaf whitefly”, according to BASF

Versys provides an alternative mode of action and is the first insecticide launch by BASF in many years.

The registration allows Versys to be used in brassicas, leafy brassicas, celery, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, lettuce, potato, sweet potato, cotton, ginger and ornamentals.

In launching the product, Australia and New Zealand BASF head of agriculture, Gavin Jackson, said Australia was the first in the world to have the product and that it was quite possible a grower in the room would be the first in the world to use it when it hits shelves next week. 

An invited group of clients helped celebrate the launch. 

BASF staff, including regional insecticide manager for the Asia Pacific, Prashant Joshi, and vice president marketing for Asia Pacific crop protection, Avinash Deshmukh, also attended.  

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