Dry weather delivers “one of the best” asparagus crops

Dry weather delivers “one of the best” asparagus crops


Spring is coming and so are the fresh Aussie asparagus spears.


DRY weather might be the scourge of many crops but for Aussie asparagus growers it could mean one of the best crops in years. 

The Australian Asparagus Council is getting consumers prepped for the coming Spring asparagus season. 

Fresh Australian-grown asparagus spears will supermarket shelves nationwide in early September.

According to the AAC, the drier conditions throughout winter have been ideal for growing and harvesting across all growing regions.


AAC president, Alex Motta, said this year’s crop is on track to be one of the best, with the good year of preparation meaning the early season spears are delicious, crisp and firm.

“The dry conditions over winter have been ideal for growing conditions, meaning our crops are extra juicy and fresh,” Mr Motta said. 

“This season we’ll see plenty of variety with thick, medium and mini spears on offer for customers. The thick spears in particular are tender and perfect to grill on the barbeque.” 

“When choosing asparagus, shoppers should be looking for firm, bright and smooth spears that are uniform in size with closed compact tips. This will guarantee you’re choosing spears that are crisp, moist and juicy.”

The AAC is pushing the nutritional benefits of the crop as well.

One serve of asparagus, which is about three to four spears, has a quarter of an adult’s daily vitamin C needs, as well as providing B vitamins, potassium, and fibre.

“Nothing says spring and warmer weather to me more than fresh Australian asparagus being available on shelves,” Mr Motta said.  

“Australians can look forward to eating the fresh and delicious crop this year and enjoy the added health benefits too.”


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