Gizzi snaps up Bravo Apple award ​

Mario Gizzi wins Bravo Apple award ​in WA


The company behind WA's Bravo apple has acknowledged it's champions.


APPLE advocate, Mario Gizzi, was been named the 2018 Bravo Apple Retail Champion earlier this month. 

The Woolworths Bravo Apple Retail Champion Perpetual Trophy went to the team at Woolworths on St Georges Terrace.

Fruit West’s executive officer, Nardia Stacy, said the Bravo Retail Champion Awards aim to recognise the efforts retailers put into introducing the new fruit to consumers.

“Independent retailers are at the market at 3am selecting the best fruit to have in their shops that morning," Ms Stacy said. 


"They are the unsung heroes of our industry and are the people on the front line, encouraging customers to taste and try a Bravo Apple."

WA Farm Direct chairman, Ennio Tavani, hosted the event at the WA Farm Direct market floor at Market City Canningvale and announced the winners, which were then presented their trophy by ambassador and Australian footballer, Sam Kerr. 

Bravo was developed in Western Australia by the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Those behind the apple say its introduction onto retail shelves has given glimmers of hope for apple growers who had received the lowest prices in decades on traditional varieties leading to many growers to sell the farm and leave their homes.

Moving towards the fourth commercial season, Bravo continues to be a source of pride in the horticultural community. 

Fruit West Co-operative Ltd chairman, Dr Ben Darbyshire, said the industry is proud to have such a talented person with such high values and standards as Sam Kerr representing Bravo Apples.

“Sam represents everything that’s great about Australian sport and is the perfect match for horticulture’s own rising star, the Bravo Apple," Mr Darbyshire said. 

"We are just thrilled she is able to attend this award presentation to our hard working retailers as her schedule is incredibly intense."


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