Apples form core ingredient in new SACWA fundraiser

Apples form core ingredient in new SACWA fundraiser

TOP TASTE: SACWA state creative arts officer Rosalie Smith, Maitland, with the newly-launched apple-focused cookbook.

TOP TASTE: SACWA state creative arts officer Rosalie Smith, Maitland, with the newly-launched apple-focused cookbook.


The SA Country Women's Association latest cookbook is based on apples.


APPLE sales across the state could be set to spike as the latest cookbook from the SA Country Women's Association makes its mark.

Called An Apple A Day, the book is a collection of recipes with apples as the core ingredient - from drinks, to breakfast options, cakes and more.

The book was launched at the Autumn Fair on Dequetteville, at the SACWA state office earlier this month.

It was the "dreamchild" of Maitland SACWA member Rosalie Smith, who put it to the state council just shy of 12 months ago.

"Everybody likes apples and has got an apple recipe, so it was easy to get together and appeals to a wide audience," she said.

The book includes recipes from members throughout SA, with the youngest contributor five-year-old Elka Smith, Curramulka, and the oldest contributor in their 90s.

Some of the recipes are even older, with one passed down four generations - along with some helpful hints.

The book is littered with these hints, recipe histories and even tidbits about past wins at shows.

Ms Smith said they had also collected some history, trivia and jokes about apples, which were included in the cookbook.


While the idea for the book came separate to issues in the apple industry, Ms Smith was pleased to think it may have a positive impact.

"We couldn't have brought it out at a better time," she said.

She said the state's apple growers had been dealing with some difficult seasons recently, with hailstorms damaging crops late in 2017 and 2018.

She said SACWA advocated the use of Hailstorm Hero apples damaged by hail.

Ms Smith said the book would have multiple benefits, in providing funds to help the SACWA with its projects and charitable works.

"Some of our cookbooks are more than 50 years old and still selling and contributing to the association's finances and it would be nice to think of this book doing that for many years," she said.

"I'm hoping it becomes the newest 'in thing' and apple sales also go up."

Apple and Pear Growers' Association of SA chief executive officer Susie Green called the cookbook a "great initiative".

"Apples are such a versatile fruit and this book showcases such different ways of using them," she said.

"It's a great little cookbook to have on the shelf for when you're wanting to try something new."

Ms Green said consumers had responded positively to the Hailstorm Heroes campaign but "every little bit helps".

The state's apple growers are at the tail end of harvest, with pink ladies the focus.

"It's quite a big crop this year and the long, dry, warm period has added to the sweetness of the fruit," she said.

"The fruit being picked has been really good quality and I'd really encourage people to get behind SA apple growers."

An Apple A Day is available for $10 through SACWA branches.


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