Growers highlighted in month for organics

Growers highlighted in Australian Organic Awareness Month


Organic growers, it's time to stand up in September.


WITH the dawning of Spring, organic producers are set to show off their best during Australian Organic Awareness Month.

The project, which is the country's largest organic awareness campaign, takes place throughout September and is backed by Australian Organic in hopes of promoting the profile of certified organics .

Throughout the month, the campaign will share stories about some of Australia's best and individual certified organic producers, from a range of categories including food, cosmetics, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Australian Organic chief executive officer, Niki Ford, said the certified organic industry is diverse with new and interesting products hitting the markets continuously.


"The awareness campaign is designed to help promote all certified organic products in store and online by educating consumers on why they should always look for a certification mark such as Australian Organic's distinctive bud logo when choosing to buy organic products," Ms Ford said.

"Point of sale material and online digital artwork is available for all outlets, individuals and organisations who want to share the message."

The latest Australian Organic Market Report for 2019 revealed Australian demand for certified organic products is now skyrocketing with $1.93 billion dollars generated in domestic sales for 2018.

The figure is up $256 million from domestic sales of $1.67 billion for 2017 with the total Australian organic industry now worth $2.6 billion and growing year on year.

The overall number of households saying they have purchased at least one organic product in 2018 lifted to 65 per cent from the previous year.

With there being some confusion in recent times about what exactly constitutes an organic product, reassurance is of paramount importance to consumers with more than half of organic buyers (55pc) saying that they now look for a certification logo on labels to check if products are organic.

"With more and more consumers demanding transparency when it comes to what they are putting in and, on their bodies, certified organic products offer consumers the surety each ingredient has been rigorously audited and is what it says it is," Ms Ford said.

"Always look for a certification logo to ensure you're getting what you pay for - no one likes being fooled at the register."


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