Woolworths invites Inverell schools to take fruit and veg ‘Discovery Tours’

Woolworths Inverell to host tours for school children


Woolworths Inverell offers fruit and vegie tours to local school children.


WITH almost 95 per cent of Australian children struggling to meet their recommended intake of fruit and vegetables, Woolworths Inverell say they are committed to making it easier for students to get acquainted with their greens. 

The local store is keen to help youngsters find fruit and vegetables they enjoy with the launch of its ‘Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours’.

“We know that getting children to eat fruit and vegetables every day can be tricky and parents can find it challenging to get their kids to eat their required daily intake,” Woolworths Inverell store manager Kim Fenton said. 


“The Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours are designed to inspire our next generation of Aussie kids make smart and fresh food choices in an environment that they will be familiar with.”

On the tours, students have the opportunity to discover and try new fruit and vegetables, learn how and where they grow, understand the benefits of eating a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and play veg-inspired games.

Woolworths aims to have up to half a million Aussie kids take part in the tours over the next 12 months.

Woolworths says the tours are designed with the school curriculum in mind, catering to kids from Early Learning Centres all the way up to year 6.

“We’d like to invite local teachers and educators to consider this activity for their classes,” Ms Fenton said.

“We’ve worked with nutritionists, educators and even a fruit and veg scientist to put together the program for our Discovery Tours to ensure real learning outcomes are achieved for each age group.

“Play is a key part of learning and we have quiz cards and sticker activity books to help extend the discussions back to the classroom and the home.”

With term three now in full swing, teachers and educators from the local area can book a free tour for their class at Woolworths Inverell.

ELC-Kindergarten kids will learn about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetable colours. Children in years 1-2 will learn how different fruit and vegetables are good for different parts of their body.

The years 3-4 program teaches children about the different seasons, and the different ways fruit and vegetables grow. The focus for years 5-6 students will be sustainability and waste reduction.


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