It's December 2002 all over again | FLASHBACK

It's December 2002 all over again | FLASHBACK


Time to waltz back to 2002 with photos from our December edition.


AUSTRALIA'S first sea shipment of bulk lettuce was heralded a success when the Western Australia Department of Agriculture sent off the produce in wooden crates in 2002.

That was just one of the stories as documented within the December 2002 edition of Good Fruit & Vegetables.

Freshcare passed its 1600 member milestone, while the CSIRO identified small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) in bee colonies located in Richmond, NSW.

The Queensland Runner Scheme delivered seven new strawberry varieties ready for the 2003 season.

The Australian Mango Industry Association conference in Darwin heard of the need for the mango industry to become more consumer focused in order to build consumer confidence, to stimulate mango consumption and lift industry profitability.

There was concern in Central West NSW with the discovery of a fungicide-resistant strain of black spot in an apple orchard.

The main feature for the edition was on the Sydney Markets, including a look at how the markets work and some of the people working within it.

Stroll through the gallery above to see who had their photo in the December 2002 edition.


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